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  1. This is my first time cloning and trying to grow from clones, and I am having a few problems.
    The first clone was taken around 3 weeks in to flowering, and the second one is 4 weeks in to flowering. So that will make them 3 and 2 weeks old or so.
    Now the first one I am guessing is Nitrogen deficiency, and the second one I am not exactly sure about.
    They are roughly 16 inches away under a 400w HPS. I am using a drip system with DNF nutrients. I had them at 400ppm, for the first two weeks, and upped it on May 31st (three days ago) to 800ppm. I have noticed that it went down to 700ppm that's why I am guessing for the first one its N deficiency.
    Any help would be great.


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  2. Why are you taking cuttings that late in flower?

    1. Taking cuttings this late in flower can cause unwanted stress (hermies)

    2. Taking clones this late in flower will most likely take a while to root as they will have to kick back into veg.

    3. May turn out half retard clones. Lol

    4. Don't worry about leaf deficiencies when first taking clones, you want them to focus on root growth. Some people even cut parts of fan leaves off when cloning to help slow down veg leaf growth and focus on roots.
  3. Well I wasn't sure if I was going to make a separate room for vegging or not, and by the time i decided I was going to that's how late they were in to flowering. They have rooted, I was just hoping I could make them look a little bit better then they do now. They will be going in to my third grow so I am still earning, and hoping to get better each time, and learn something new.

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