Clone Grow .... Start to finish (kinda)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Mr.Smith, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Well was planning on Scrogging these babies but ..... well lets just say I couldn't do it at this time

    So, this is what I ended up doing

    6 Cloned .... 5 weeks Veg (tok a while for roots to start)

    They were transplanted into 1 gallon pots and sunk into ONE large container with abo0t 5" of soil mix

    They have been in 12/12 for a week now and are starting to take off

    I have since trimmed some lower foliage to allow more light to the MANY branches stemming off

    Pics (there are 4 total)

    Side Shot of the pot in the Trough with abo0t a 1" layer of pure perlite at the bottom for VERY Good drainage

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  2. This whole unit is on a plywood base with wheels

    I might do a small amount of Training if I see it getting to Crowded

    Besides that I will just tie fan leaves away from nodes and let them go ...... I have abo0t 8 feet of hight for them

    Bare in mind this is only a 400w HPS

  3. I had Mylar on the walls but I can't stand the noise it makes with the fan ....and the White walls seem to reflect better ?

    Light is abo0t 15" above plants with a Large Fan blowing accross the tops

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  4. Last one ....

    This is just a pic of the Exhaust fan ducting dissapearing thru the ceiling (basically I have a drop ceiling with a second layer of Styrofoam right over it

    Work very well

    Day temps are 80-85º

    Night time are 60-65º

    50-60% humidity depending on the weather at the moment

    Updates to come


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  5. ive never seen a setup like that, are you going to keep them as such? ill be interested to see how this works out
  6. HOLY SHIT! 3x6 and 40 plants? geezus!! i was impressed with that, i dont grasp all the concept, but it is coming to me in bits and pieces. im going to go back and look again.
  7. Tied them down a little

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  8. one of the more bushy ones

    This one has 3 nodes in training

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  9. Doing the Bucket in a Trough setup like this allows me to keep all six gallon pots .... right next to each other and under the light

    If I was to goto 4-5gallon pots there is NO WAY I would be able to do six plants under a 400hps ....and get any yield :D

    So my logic is ....... keep them just like you see them and train them

    Scrog without the screen...I guess;)

    I have the munchies....bbiab
  10. I will just keep replying to my own threads :D

    Here is the Top of the MOM plant .....I cut her yesturday

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  11. Closer pic of the cola end

    I have some serious manicuring to do

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  12. The rest of the plant (lower growth) is back under the light to finish

    I will get a pic of that later

    CLONES.... the clones grew a LOT over night

    I had to re-tie them again this morning :eek:
  13. Made a Frame and strung it up with 50lb fishing line

    Don't know how much training I will do ....If anything it will be for support

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  14. looking good mate..

    u planing in makeing hash with the trimmings.....
  15. so just so i get it right, u water the plants by watering the big container?

    that looks cool, i read the post on OG from the link u left and i'm really impressed, i hope yours do as good.

  16. 420.....

    I plan on buying the 1qt version bubblebags .... I can't wait to try it

    I should have nice trimmings from these six...I think it will be a worth while investment :D

    Yuri .....

    I plan to water them thru the Pots like normal ...but I will be watering them a good amount More in Volume ....but MUCH less frequently

    IT will also flush out the deposits well ....each time I water

    These Girls are Growing like MAD right now atleast an inch a day at the nodes

    Maybe I will start training them in to fill the screen :confused:

  17. I Covered the soil in sand today to keep any flys/gnats out

    Yes, it is the Winter but I still have bugs flying around .....and they ALL seem to find the closet somehow :mad:

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  18. First off..... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    Need some advice in training these gals

    Do I start to train the MAIN node (cola) in a circular pattern in an attempt to spread the secondary nodes around ??

    Obviously the 2 in the center are smaller and I have them tied at 90º to trigger the lower nodes to grow Faster ....hopefully to catch them up with the others a bit.

    But I don't know if that is going to work

    They are under 12/12

    The other 4 are growing like weeds :D Sho0ts all over the place

    Main node like this?

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  19. That sounds like a good training plan.
    next time I'd recommend letting them fill in the screen about 2/3 to 3/4 before switching to 12/12. That will increase you're yeild a good bit.
    Remember, while you're training them in 12/12 you're losing bud height and therefore over all yield.

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