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  1. Is it required to grow a clone in a small pot, then transplant it to a bigger one, and then transfer that one into a bigger one when it's big? Can't I just grow the clone in a big pot from the beginning?

    I want to grow my plants to 3ft, meaning that I should need 3 Gallon pots eventually? Can't I just plant the clone in a 3 Gallon pot? And if I can't, why not? Does it affect the growth speed, or is it because I'll be wasting nutrients and water?
  2. i assume that once you take a cutting you have to cover the bottom of it in rooting gel and put it in a something small not a 3 gallon pot. once it gets rooted you can transplant it to a 3 gallon pot. so in other words if its rooted then go for it if she looks old enough (thats what i did after i bought my clones), but if you need to root it i would root it first in something smaller.
  3. I got 4 clones from the dispensary and put them directly into 3 gallon pots.... Not a good idea. there was no root expansion. I repotted back down into 1 gallon pots and things already look better.

    Check my sig u can read about my grow and see how i went from red keg cup with clone in it to a 3 gallon pot.
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    The best thing is to know how to work with the plant. A roots system need to develop a strong base for each stage of life. Start rooting your clones in a rock wool. Once you see enough roots, usually at 14 days, you can transplant it in a 4'' pot. I add some Mychorize and feed them some Superman B1 (seaweed emulsion). From there I leave them veg for 2 weeks, under some 6500k neon lights, feeding them a 7.4.11 at 800 ppm.

    Then theres just one last transplant to a 8'' pot. I give them 5 days of veg under 600w hps and 30 hours of darkness. Then I pre-flower them for another 2 weeks, waiting for the flowering room to finish, under the same 600w hps before I send them to the flowering for 8 weeks.

    What you can also do is send the one's that just finished to flower into room 2 (check my grow guide) and flush the plants for another 2 weeks, in 12h/12h, under 600w since there the available space. Another optional stage is called sweating the plant or sending them to the darkroom. Turn of the 12h/12h and keep them in total darkness until you need the space. Continue watering them only with water! Never letting them dry out ;)
  5. I'm a rookie on my first grow. I've planted 4 germinated seeds directly in 5 gal pots and all have sprouted and grown... don't know if transplanting would have been better. I chopped down a male at 34 days growth and there were plenty of roots throughout the 5 gal container.

    It seems to me, if you're gonna use the same soil to grow in a smaller pot, then transplant to a larger pot with the exact same soil, doesn't make any sense to do that. If the soils are different, there may be some point to transplanting. But you could also carve out a spot in your larger pot and put the different soil in there? Seems like that would also do it.

    If you have veg room, or other constraints from planting directly in larger pots, that's a different issue that you have to address.

    For me, I want to avoid all the stress I can for the plants I grow. Seems like transplanting creates stress that can be avoided.

    The pic is of a bagseed I just planted into a 5 gal pot - 4 days old.

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  6. ^ Looks like your talking seeds and the OP is talking clones
  7. Alright, so if I cut a clone, use a bubbler for 2 weeks; until the clones grow healthy roots - if I plant them in a 1 Gallon pot, the plant will grow at the same rate as a 3 Gallon pot (as long as I transplant it when it outgrows the 1 Gallon pot) ?
  8. yeah dude, that should work out.

    But if your'e gonna do LST I would just go to the 3 gallon pot. (that is if you're gonna transplant them into 3 gallon anyways)
  9. Alright, so:
    Cut clone -> Bubble Cloner for 2 weeks -> Transplant to 3Gal pot -> Veg for 2 weeks (using LST) -> Flower for 8 weeks -> Harvest.
    That should work, right?
  10. You dont need a bubbler. Just cut your clone and put it in some rock wool. Then place the clone in a dome to keep the humidity and temps up! Under a simple will be enough light. Dont forget to cut the leaves in half to stimulate root growth and not vegetative growth!

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