Clone fan leaves starting to droop

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    A few days after my clones started to show root development, their bigger fan leaves are beginning to droop. It's mostly the leaves that I cut when I took the cuttings, not any of the new growth that's been coming in.

    My res is using plain tap water that was bubbled for 48 hours prior to putting clones in. I've been keeping the pH around 5.8, and the ppm is around 350. The cuts were taken on Feb. 10th, 2009, making them 10 days old today. I have not changed the res. The color of the leaves is beginning to turn a lighter green as well.

    Is it time for me to change the water in the res? Begin very, very light nutes? Or is this droop completely natural and to be expected? Pics are attached.

    EDIT: I forgot to add. I have not added any nutes yet, the current ppm is just my tap water. The temp of the res stays around 74-76 degrees F, while the temp of the air above stays between 78-81 degrees F.

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