Clone experiment

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  1. Gonna have them in water, once root im transplanting to coco coir.

    They are OG Kush clones.

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  2. Woops forgot pics. Lol[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. They'll root like that. Be prepared to wait several days because it's probably not gonna happen fast. But these things are weeds and reproducing is their job, so as long as conditions are half way right they'll try their best to live. The Coco is kinda hot so you might want to put them into something else first or buffer the Coco with something so it doesn't burn them. New plants are tender and don't like dealing with a bunch of chemicals until they've had time to mature a bit. If you have some sort of root stimulator to use in the water, it might spur them along at a bit faster pace. But good luck. TWW
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  4. So should I do like a 60/40 with coco and soil, then start a low dose of soil a and b?

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  5. I don't know how much cloning you've done in your life, but in case you didn't know....the more tender shoots of the plant make roots a lot faster than the more woody stems. I take my clones from the scrub that I would normally cut off the bottom to free up the stalk of the plant and generally have roots in 5 - 7 days. Letting them dry out good...not getting dead dry but just not keeping the cubes saturated all the time and letting them nearly dry out before resaturating the cubes, forces the roots to start looking for food instead of just sitting there waiting to have it given to them. They also need more heat than light for the first few days. The more tender the plant material, the faster it will form roots. We use Clonex rooting gel and the Rapid Rooter cubes and average about 99% success. I was the most scared of that part of the grow process back when I started and was learning but realized it was the easiest thing of all to do. Haven't done any MJ cuttings in water, but have rooted just about everything you could imagine that way with normal plants. You don't have to have all the fancy stuff either. You can cut them below a node and stick them straight into soil too....if you have the right soil mix and understand how to take care of them, and they'll root like that too. They're weeds. They want to live. LOL Just wanted to throw that in there. TWW
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  6. Clone experiment ?

    What you using for control?
  7. One clear jar, one black jar, and one with clonex gel. Ive cloned with gel before, so the test is if the color of the container effects root development at the same rate or faster than the gel.

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  8. Yea, it's not technical or anything. You just need something between them and the Coco when first putting them in to keep the two separated for a few days until they can get some roots set down in the soil. The first thing any plant does when put in soil is build a root system. Just makes sure it has a few inches between the roots and the Coco to work in first before hitting the Coco. It won't kill them likely if you go straight into the Coco, but the less you do to stress them out right now, the faster they'll be about getting settled in and back to growing above ground. While they're rooting in, they don't grow much and they don't use much in the way of water. Once they set their roots, you'll see new growth start to put on at a faster pace and as they grow in size, they'll use more water, food, etc. The larger container you start them out in, the longer it takes for them to get that roots system formed and back to growing above soil level. If you're doing autos, word is they don't like to be repotted so need started in the size container they'll finish in. If you've got a photo strain that doesn't have a problem with being repotted, the smaller container of soil you start it out in, the less time it will take for it to get rooted in and going.

    If you're a new grower, I would chunk the Coco (unless hell bent on going hydro) and get a bag of good formulated grow soil. For the inexperienced grower, it's just much easier to deal with and manage than any form of hydro grow. Until you get some basic knowledge about the plant and how it grows and how to take care of it, I wouldn't add the complication of dealing with nutrients if you don't have to. With a good quality grow soil, the soil, water and light is all you need. Once you grow a couple and get some understanding, then change your method if you want. But if you don't have any experience growing the plant it's impossible to know whether any issues you might have (and you will) are coming from the plant or the hydro setup. I started out in soil years ago and just never changed. I've thought about it lots, but never did it. The medium is just that....medium. It's a place for the roots of the plant to hold on and provide stability. The grow soils are mixed specifically for growing the plant and contain everything they'll need for the first several weeks. Like we don't feed infants steak and potatoes, you don't start off a baby plant on a bunch of chemicals. The soil contains all it needs until it has a few weeks to grow and mature. But going with soil to start for the new grower is definitely the easier route. The Coco is what most DWC growers use. My knowledge of hydro is limited. I understand the concept but have never managed a hydro grow myself before so I can't tell you much about it. Just read up on what you're doing and learn as much as you can. The more you know about what you're doing, the more success you'll have. TWW
  9. New to using water as the medium, ive done few cuttings with clonex. I just moved to a legal state so starting something within the local laws.

    Thanks so much for the advice. Could you take a look at my outdoor cultivation post and offer any tips maybe?

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  10. Well, I have been changing the water so I know it's not slime, I think I have roots starting![​IMG]

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