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Clone during flower?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by vidorob, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. I have a maui wowie lady that is 2 weeks into budding:)...The thing is she has some awesome genes :eek:and i didnt realize it until after i started flowering. I am using cfl lighting and lst. can i take a clipping and clone it or should i re-veg her and do it all again after i get some ladies? any and all help is appreciated.i will post a couple pics in a while after i get em off my damn phone.:cool:
  2. I have some "easy ryder" (AK47 x Lowryder #2) and i've got 3 clones from one plant and the they are doing good. i clipped them abt a week or 2 in the flowering, but these are an autoflowering strain.
    this is one of the buds on a clone when i transplanted it. Make sure you use a good rooting hormone.
  3. Here are a few pics from my phone she looks so pretty already would hate to lose those genes

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  4. What is a good cloning agent are the gels better than the powders.. i was thinking of root tech cloning gel?
  5. those are nice.. how along are they? I like powders but honestly think both work just as good, I use schultz "take root" and takes abt 6-7 days to start seeing rooting. they are more expensive ones out there but im not in that big of a rush. i've learned to be patient when it comes to growing good marijuana. here are some more of the easy ryder i have growing in an aerogarden with a CFL 150w.
  6. They are at ten weeks i vegged for 8 and they have been flowering for two im also using 15-0 watts cfl in soil. out of curiosity how tall are your plants mine are about 22 in tall:smoking:
  7. Clone-X rooting hormone gel is the best I believe, Ive pulled clones out of the dirt just to see how fast they rooted and they were showing roots as little as 4 days. The gel is better because you can glob it on there and have a bunch just chillin all over it, I had a 92% successrate one my first clone job ever a month ago with this stuff, almost error proof, now I'm at 100% because I learned a few more tricks. Also bro your still early enough in the flower stage to take clones they will just take a bit longer to root.
  8. the one above is the only i have at the moment, the clones havent taken root yet. It's 8.5in tall, pretty fucking short, the yield will be only abt 20g, but the average height is at 23in.
  9. You can still clone her, cute the lowest branches with the least light and bud site. Look at the thread explains it, takes longer than in veg cuz it has to reveg itself.

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