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    i'm pretty good at this. at least i was a few years ago. like riding a bike right? anyway, i'm going to post here what i'm doing. maybe there is something i could be doing better. idk. getting all the materials together and sterilized now.
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  2. Looking good

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  3. I need hands to build a frame for me, very nice...
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    got 2 clones cut of each. i always cut the lowest and newest growth that is over 2 inches. unfortunately almost everything i have is viable future tops, but gotta make them babies! going to clean them up now and get them in some clonex and into the humidity.
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    rapid rooters don't stand good. i slice off the bottom making them flatter. and i let them soak for a few and make sure the hole is big so it doesn't rub off the clonex when i put it in there.
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    coupla more tips... put the clonex in a separate container to dip. if there were something wrong with my clones, i wouldn't want them contaminating my clonex. i pull the bottom leaves off and trim the remaining leaves. i also go ahead and top. all my plants from here on out will always begin life with 2 tops. i do everything before i cut a fresh razor cut on the bottom. that is the last thing i do! the biggest thing is to watch out for air bubbles that will work there way up the stem. i put one cfl way above and spray down the humidity dome and put it over top. one last check to make sure they are standing good and to tell them i know it hurts but i promise they will survive and now they are their own beautiful plant and this is good for them and i love them and now i close the door and walk away. job well done. hope y'all enjoyed. cheers blades.
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    oh yeah!! as far as lollipopping... i don't go crazy. i need to make sure there is room for airflow, but i want to leave some stuff down there. for one, they still draw in light! for 2 most issues start at the bottom. if theres no bottom, guess where it is going to start? just some things to think about. now.. time to get stoned. burn one with me blades!
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    update... not just surviving but thriving
  9. They look happy as can be, do u live in dry climate? I've never used humidity domes, and excited to watch your progress.
    When i clone I dip in rooting hormones and straight into soil and under a light. I water like would any other plant. No domes no misting.

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    i have cloned into soil with about 75% success. with this method i've had nearly 100% success. and thats even cloning some crazy branch pieces. we are at 24 hours now and they still look just as healthy as they did on the plant. i used to get kinda crazy and experimental. my grow journal is supposed to be in my sig but i never see it there. if you want to see, search the forum for "thatguythatgrows". thanks for the kind words!! have an amazing sunday!

    *didnt realize i missed a question. my environment is actually pretty humid usually. the reason i use the dome is because the clones need 100% sealed humidity because they have no roots. water is a forever moving substance. it is impossible for water to stop. if it is in a puddle, it forces itself into air. if it is locked in the air, it forces itself into whatever objects are nearby. the clone has absolutely no way to draw in water except by absorbing it through the stem and foliage. the 100% humidity without area for escape just causes the water to force itself into the foliage because it simply will not rest in the air... i guess i'm still feeling long winded. :)

    *disclaimer i have no proof of this.. these are simply my theories and opinions and i am always open to being corrected if you have other facts and/or opinions.
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  11. i wonder if you like a post and i edit it, does it let you know?
  12. I don't think so but I'm on often anyways

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