Clone bulb questions for sex determination

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    I am trying to make 7 or 14 clones on top of a water heater in crawl space measuring about 3'x3'x4'= 36 cubic feet for the sole purpose of sex determination. I will place the clones in small dixie cups having starter cubes with a rooting gel directly on the warm water heater.

    This is what the space looks like:

    There is a socket in the ceiling with a switch. I will install a cfl bulb in the socket and I will replace the existing wall swithc with a timer switch (that works with screw in CFL bulbs) for the 12/12 photo period. I will cover the walls and door with mylar.

    My questions are in regards to the light bulb i need to purchase for this purpose. Considering it is only for sex determination, I would prefer something simple and cheap like a screw-in bulb. I am not interested in Metal Halide. I specify CFL because that's what the boards recommend for cloning. I will either buy from a hardware store like home depot/rona or

    1. What color temperature should the bulb be?
    2. What should be the power of the bulb?
    3. What screw in CFL bulb would you recommend for this purpose?
  2. Just use one of these. Doesn't matter what kelvin but 5000k is optimal. Try to get one that's around 25 watts and keep it within6" to a foot of the plants. You can probably find one at a dollar store.


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