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  1. High Everybody...

    I've had this idea in my head for awhile now and I've talked to some other growers in my area and they all say it should work but I thought I should ask you guys if you think it would work or if you have any ideas...

    I want to build a box out of plywood thats about 18"x18"x18" with a roof. I will line the inside of the box with aluminum foil to reflect the light and heat. On two walls that face each other I'm going to install 2 fluos (so I'll have 4 in total) and on a 3rd wall I'm going to cut a small hole and install a variable speed fan so I can circulate the air and cool it down if it gets too hot. I also want to install a thermometer to know what the temp is in the box, what is the ideal growing temp anyway?
    I'm going to put 2 or 3 clones in the box to start and when they get 12 to 15 inch im going to harvest them.
    I'll be able to turn off one set of lights at a time if it gets too hot.

    Do you have any advice or ideas?
    All help is appreciated!

  2. good for clones/seedlings..not good for flowering..ideal temp 85deg. farenheit.
  3. Will a 3" fan be able to provide enough oxygen?
  4. yes but cloneing is not that hard man ! take your clones put them in coverd trays ! flour light just above them inch the light want brun the tray cover but well heat them ! this workes great for me ! i got like a shit laod of trays man when we get togather ill give you some! i just saw where they got some 6 inch high covers ,and i am going to send for some ill get two exster!go to wal mart they have shop lights 48 inch put two aqaruim & plant bulbs in it they work great man!if you still want a box set up i got to 20 inch flour lights you can have man!they were in a old grow box and a friend gave them to me you want them there your!good luck tazz11

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