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  1. never done a clone, but want to learn. as i understand, you clip in the last veg week.
    then put under veg light schedule. this however requires a second setup, for a period of 2 months. ok, i can't do room. can i put them outside and hope
    to get them to go flower? it's still going to be fairly sunny. maybe if they don't flower they might atleast stay alive until i could get them reoriented in 2 months. i could even hit them with 36 hrs. of straight light during the transition stage between veg and flowering, then put them outside. any ideas? hope you understand.

    thank you, p
  2. You can take clones at ANY time of a Marijuana plant's life cycle. Vegging or flowering.

    All you need is a fluorescent light, a humidone, a tray, Rapid Rooter plugs, & cloning gel. A seedling heat mat will speed up the process.

    You do not need 2 months to more than 2 weeks will be plenty.

    Check out this thread for some help:
  3. Max...

    That nug is fregin epic!! Is that your work?

  4. It is my friend.....That nug is from a Shiva Skunk grown in a drip system. It yielded 3 oz's dry.

    I don't grow it anymore, as it took up a lot of space, & I prefer to grow 100% Indica strains.
  5. ALL HAIL SHIVA!!! lol :hello:

    rendered speechless...

    Pieeater; October is nearly here so right now would be the time, maybe early september they should be outside alredy but thats kinda late.

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