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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by whitebongwater, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hello everybodys. I am planning on purchasing two or three clones to grow outdoors in Colorado this summer. I have a few questions regarding starting out, thanks for any advice:

    1. When should I buy the clones (I am able to take them indoors at night so nighttime frost isn't a concern)
    2. How old/tall should it be when I buy it?
    3. Will 13.2 hours (4/15/16) of daylight be enough or will I need artificial lights indoor to prevent early flowering? Or should I just wait for more natural daylight?
    4. Any tips for a successful rooting?
    5. Any beginner tips you guys have as this is my first grow!

  2. I wouldn't buy clones, i did once from the best dispensary in town and kaboom spider mites. I'll only do seeds from this point forward.
  3. Any tips on where to order seeds with a relatively fast shipping time( <7 days)?
  4. Only place i got seeds that fast was ILGM. I like the vault better but it took longer to get my seeds, The 20 freebie seeds and four shirts made up for it. Other than those single seed is the only one i've used, it was pretty fast too but pricey.
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  5. Seed vault of California and Greenline organic seeds were super fast when I ordered as they are in California.

    Long nights is what triggers cannabis to flower. You will still need to provide some artificial light right now whether you were growing clones or seeds.

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