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    i decided to clone my micro mini tree.:smoke: the following is a list of how i prepared my clone. the message of this thread is i didnt use any rooting hormone so will it still take root and grow?

    1. i cut the branch off where it meets the main stem w/o damaging the main.
    2. cut fan leaves at top in half, ready to receive moisture.
    3. i defoliated all lower foliage. small leaves, leaves, etc.
    4. cut 45 degree angle on the clone towards the bottom leaving about 2" of clone.
    5. shaved off outer layer of the clone's lower part of the cutting.

    after all that i just mixed a small pot of 50/50 coco/ffof, watered it moist and put the clone down nice and snug. i now have it in a 24hr blackout then to be put outside for re-vegging if it makes it.

    vegg 20 days
    12/12 10 days
    bloom 9 days

    i intend to keep it moist at all times until rooted. i think it will take approx. 1 week to root well.
  2. Did you have the stem exposed to air for more then 30 seconds?
  3. i dont believe so. before i took a cutting i prepared a bowl of water for it to soak in while i was going through the whole process. then straight into soil. then again 30 seconds isnt much time so i could be off by a second or two.:cool:
  4. I've had clones die because they were out of water too long and an air bubble went up the cutting. Usually happens if the cutting is out too long. I hope your cuttings take and they give you lots of bud
  5. hey thx! me too. according to another thread i made i guess if you clone w/o rooting hormone it can take up to about a month for em to root:eek::eek: i hope it takes much quicker.
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    Are you growing outdoors or in?

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