clonazepan amounts and alcohol

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    ive been googling this shit, and have gotten a wide variety of answers, but the overall summation ive goten is that .5 mg of kpins and drinking is no problem. well, between 1030 and 11 this morning i popped 3.5, and then took 5mg more after getting home. so im on mg 8 of kpins right now, dosed at two separate times (regretting that), and am thinking about popping two more right now, or at least 1 or .5. im gnna get bud in an hr or so, cause ik thatll get me chillin, but then was wanting to drink later tonight. bad idea for how many mg of kpins ill have taken or will they be thru me by the time i start drinking sometime between 6-10 ?

    and, if i'm advised by the city to not drink on em, then how many more mg of kpins you think i should take? im allowed 3 a day but i can cut into doses i would take days ahead and make due with .5 when its not recreational.

    also, im about 155/160, 5'11.5
  2. ok either pop 2mg more and dont drink

    or pop no more and have 1 maybe 2 beers... I mean you could do more but I I wouldnt suggest it.... but klonnys will make the 1-2 beers feel like alot more.

    Smoke weed either way
  3. Yeahhhh that's a lot of benzos to drink on. Completely possible but I'd advise against it just because of some interesting and possibly bad things that could happen. Plus you wont remember shit... but I don't really know your tolerance so maybe you dont even strongly feel the kpins you're on?
  4. yea tolerance is a big effect to

    like for me 8mg is nothing

    I dont know about you
  5. I personally like drinking on benzos, just not a high dose. Just drink until you pass out you'll wake up no matter what if thats all your worried about. It's just when you wake up your probabley going to have your shoes on and wonder why the fuck is it 4 in the afternoon.
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    Just don't fucking drink, it would be dumb as hell right now.

    You will forget how many beers you have had, and you will probably end up regretting it tomorrow or spending the night somewhere you don't want to.

    EDIT: Seriously, if you have to ask us this question, I really don't think you need a drink.
  7. lol benozs and drinking,to bad i dont remember.

  8. iv drank on benzos numerous times and never had a problem. Like if I say 3 beers and im only gonna drink 3 beers. But I dont like drinking much and only do it to get drunk
    again this is just me
  9. I'm speaking strictly from my/friends experences, but it usually seems to hold true with 95% of other people see. Usually it's just from them starting to drink and then forgetting they took a couple xanax/kpins/atavan and then smashing some more.

    If you have a tolerance for kpins and you don't get drunk off 2 beers I can see it being alright though, I'll agree with there you GDP.

  10. Yea Iv seen alot of people say they will have 1 beer and like 2 bars

    haha then they pop 3 throughout the night and have alot more than 1 beer

    OP how ya feelin haha
  11. how many mg of kpins do yall take to get fucked up recreationally? im prescribed 3mg a day and i got 90 pills and another script then im gonna try and get 2mg kpins instead of 1, so ihave less to work with atm. the most been up to is 10mg and i have yet to feel any effect other than a nice bud high (i imagine if i didnt toke on these, they wouldnt do a thing) and being slightly chilled out and happy.

  12. Welllllll Depends if im drinking... if I am 3-4mg... and il only have afew beers.

    If not 6-8mg

    I will ALWAYS try to smoke weed with benzos cause it really increases the effects

    But then again I have a natural Benzo tolerence

    Did u take the 10mg at once?

    unless you have some sort of super tolerence with bud I cant imagine that not giving you a good benzo high.

    I like (i ussually fail at keeping this promise though) to only do klonnys once a week so my tolerance doesnt get OD crazy
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    I'll drop 10mg+ if i really want to party, 25mg+ is not unheard of for me either.

    Watch out with how high you go, I've lost 3+ days on high dose benzos before. I even woke upin Georgia once.
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    idk, i smoke so much bud the kpins dont always seem to do that much for me. sometimes they do, other times they dont. i think im gonna save up to drop 12 at once and see how that goes next week

    edit:: im bored so i just popped another 3.5, so that totals 13.5, but at long intervals of diff doses. now ima vaporize a bowl and watch some tv haha
  15. yea give it 1 week and drop 12mg and smoke weed.
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    K this is a serious point people need to start taking in consideration. EVERYONE is different. And environmental factors are very important. People who drink with other people are more likley to be able to control themselves. They do not want to be the drunk retard plus in a social setting you wnat to be able to speak! BUTTTT when people drink alone they have nothing to worry about except relaxing. I promise you will feel much drunker alone than with others. For example. A big issue with tolerance is environment influences. Anyone who has takin a few drug/psych courses in college knows this. Environment is key!
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    ill be sure to pop em at the same time to, empty stomach and eat a little bit 30 mins later. today i also smoked a blunt laced with hydrocodone, will probably be doing it agian next friday, which helped, then a joint and a vap'd bowl... and now another. i just wish i had taken the kpins at once later, instead of so separated at only like 3-4mgs each time, and 45 to an hour in toked a blunt laced wit hydrocodone :smoking:

    edit:: damn, maybe 30-60 after dropping another 3.5 and toked a bowl and am fucked uppp. gonna play some Air - Moon Safari, toke and chlllll
  18. man i was so done with pills after highschool. they arent even worth the risk.
  19. I don't have any tolerance and I usually take around 10mg before I really start feeling anything.

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