Discussion in 'General' started by JJJ420, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. I stumbled upon a 1mg tablet of Clonazepam, i think its also called klonopin or klonapin. What is it? Should i take it? It says its used to treat seizures or something...
  2. its a powerful muscle relaxant, tranqualizer.

    1mg doesnt sound like enough... but i dont remember how much i used to take? all those pills are the same to me.. so i always thought it felt close to oc.

    anyways, its a good time nonetheless. might make you a bit nauseaus for a few minutes. try the 1mg. its definately not enough to harm you. will either give you some nice effects or nothing.

    you should feel it in about 20-30 mins.
  3. yeah, i took it at 3:48, felt it soon after at like 4:20, and still feel fucked up, but ive been smokin the whole time too, although i seem more fucked up then just feels nice BTW, they come in .5 , 1, and 2 mg.
  4. I take .5mg Clonazapam on a daily basis. I have bad anger issues and tend to get in a lot of fights so I take them to calm me down. 1mg is enough to fuck you up. I take .5mg whenever I get pissed off. Its a great tranq I think. Works well. But it is addictive and the withdrawel symptoms suck. I usually take 2 .5mg pills and smoke a bowl. Its a good high. Have fun.
  5. well last night, i took another 1mg pill and drank 5 beers and a few shots of the cap'n. Man, i was knocked on my ass...completely intensified the alchohol....

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