Clonazepam questions

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Linath, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Okay, this has all happened a while ago, but just remembered and thought to ask about it. I have only done klonopin twice, but have done xanax plenty of times and xanax always knocks me on my ass, but the first time I did kpin I chewed a 2mg pill and it was really good, but the second time I did it I blew the whole 2mg at once and I barely felt it.. What's up with that? (the first and second time were seperated about 2 months)

    Also, What's your favorite way to take kpin?
  2. benzos are not water soluble so they cant be absorbed my the membranes in your nose. so basically when you snort your just waitin for the drip to hit your stomach which takes longer.

    thats why when you ate it, the pill went straight to your stomach so it hit you harder and quicker.

    also xanax packs more of a punch but kpins last longer.
  3. Oh I haven't known that, I used to blow my xanax all the time, that seemed to work really well though, is it better to just chew them then for both kpin and xanax?
  4. yes it is better just to chew them then snort them cause snorting actually takes longer cause it only hits once its dripped into your stomach.

    The reason it seemed to work really well was just placebo or mabye the feeling of a bunch of shit being jammed in your nose ya know.

    also for xanax it hits so quick its not neccesary to chew it and get that nasty taste in your mouth IMO

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