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  1. Alrighty, ive come up with a very cheap and effective way of cloning im sure someone has done it b4. I got a styrofoam cooler and filled it with 6 inches of dirt. Next i took the clones dipped them in shultz take root powder, watered them and sprayed them down like a mafuka. then i took a 1 gallon ziplock bag and covered the top. just make sure the bag is flat not open. i put thumb tacs and tape around it. and i put a 65 watt gro light over the top. tons of humidity when you uncover it its like steam hitting your face. if done correctly the bag will be covered in condensation on the inside almost like is raining inside the cooler. i have had a 100% success rate with 5 clones. Also ihave been growing the same plant for like 9 months under 1 65w and 1 120w grow light. its stinks and has been flowering how much longer ive topped it 3 times due to height and its still bou 4 foot tall help!
  2. think you may need to force flowering, shit 9 months growing indoors is a long time! check out previos posts on flowering, basically 12/12 lighting should do it, or see

    good luck!
  3. been flowering for like 2 months. i had some trouble so i had to keep it at a friends house and the light cycle was fucked up for a month or so. that damn plant almost died. i brought it back to life. now its a strong plant. but that mafucka is still 9 months old.

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