Clock trippin me out at school

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  1. alright heres a story for you :] so its a school day and its lunch time so im walkin around the school and i meet up with 2 friends and we decide to toke i end up havin a bowl and now i gotta go back to school, so im chillin in class and im vibing out and i look up at the clock and the minute hand is moving around so quickly! like 5 minutes im 5 seconds im just like wwwwtttfff and stare at it for a good 3 minutes then my bro notices me and sees it to and laughs, the schools clocks auto set and i forgot
  2. happens at my school too and sometimes the clock will stop for a couple minutes and i'm always like holy shit time stopped
  3. fuck dude, i'm high
  4. the clock didint even set to the right time it was like 5 hours off when it stoped moving
  5. The clocks used to do that in my school to sometimes there'd be like 5 hrs off for a couple months and nobody fixed it lol
  6. almost my entire school career the clocks where always wrong lol.

    all those master degrees and its not possible to set some clocks
  7. fuck school!

  8. Hahah that's hilarious man. I probably would've had the same reaction. Good story :smoke:

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