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Clive Gooding from Horsham is a lucky git

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. he's number #420! as soon as i saw all the numbers i went directly to 420... stoner habit.
  2. fucking nice one man. :D

    i really didnt think someone would get it so quick.

    if i ever get that 5Oz from dr_krapp i'll give u an ounce because you got that so quick.
  3. wait,i saw it was for legalising pot, but what are the #'s for, are they like the people who donated, or joined or what
  4. its a petition not really for legalising pot (although that is indeed the underlying need), its a petition for Biz Ivol. the numbers are just given as more people sign. I'll pledge another Ounce in the same way if someone can find my name there. ;D
  5. finally found you, and you be number 981...what's my personal prize? ;)
  6. oh your prize is far more than an Oz of bud. ; j
  7. mmmmhmmmmm...i was hoping the gf would get extra ;) :D

  8. woo hoo! sounds like a damn good plan to me....

    come on dr_krapp, your gonna have to pay up sooner or later... :)

  9. yeah but i wanted to give you that "li'l bit extra" anyway. ;)
  10. mmmm...extra plus a bunch of weed...sounds damn good to me!! let's party, baby ;)

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