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Clipsta's pickups *england*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Clipsta, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Thought it was about time I started sharing the bud I get from day to day.
    Got some Supposed Pineapple Haze today, picture doesn't do the bud justice tbh.

  2. Looks dank bro. What's it like living in England? I've always wanted to visit
  3. looks like some bud i would love to smoke :D
  4. Pineapple Haze is in my top 3 strains, taste is like no other. Mad props on that pickup, +++++rep
  5. [quote name='"mdryan80"']Looks dank bro. What's it like living in England? I've always wanted to visit[/quote]

    Shit. It's cold, full of chavvy wankers. Don't come here.

    Nice weed dude, stuck on mids at the minute. : (
  6. Looks sick mate!

    As for living in UK its not so bad as its the people you know that make it worth it lol Theres people to avoid but all in all the general english life is moaning about weather and cueing :)

    As for bud ive been dry for about a 3 weeks now :/ So mids would be welcome haha Gunna start my first closet grow soon! :D
  7. I don't really mind England, the weather is shit, but I can always find decent bud which is all I need :hello:. Should be picking up tonight so should have some more pics later.
  8. Got some "Kholas" tonight, shit gets you HIGH!

  9. holy shit man, the ONLY negative thing i can think of about that bud is it like popcorn, and not proper nugs, but i have not had anything thing looking a crystally as this in the Uk :(
  10. Yeh my dealer already split it up :( The buds he had in his oz were huge :devious:
  11. Picked up a draw of some "lemons" today, got a real sweet smell to it and tastes very smooth.

  12. shit weather like rain and such? i don't mind the rain actually. here in Germany the weather isn't what most would call great either.

    what is cueing?

    i'm asking because i'm thinking of moving to another country within Europe one day. preferably one with English as the national language. who knows, Ireland or Scotland maybe :p
  13. Roll those fluffly little nugs up...stick them in a blunt...Smoke them to the face.

    Those don't belong in a piece, they need to be rolled man.
  14. British weather is unpredictable, can have the sun beaming down one second, then with a blink of the time it will be pissing it down..

    Snowman, I only smoke spliffs/blunts, pieces in my opinion are not that often used in england, the #1 prefered way of smoking is spliffs.
  15. Have you lost your damn mind? Nugs like that should ONLY be smoked out of a glass piece. Ruining that kind of herb with a shitty old blunt is like drinking a fine bottle of wine out of dirty styrofoam cup.

  16. Exactly what I was about to post...
  17. Remember This One Cuzzybro? :)
  18. Can't beat a bit of master cheif, cheifing!

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