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Clipping in california

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lus_kills, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hey ya'll me and my girl wana plan a trip to cali and where thinking about just taken a train their and spending like 5 days or something and was wondering if any one could help me out finding an out door grow we could work as clippers and camp out if thats possible
  2. You're not going to find anyone who is willing to let 2 strangers work on the grow op..... sorry
  3. The likelyhood of that EVER happening is probably like .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
  4. Yeah i thought so but a guys gotta try lol
  5. Yea what he said^^^. no way there gonna risk there operation with 2 strangers they dnt know anything about sorry man :/ you should just lurk around dispensary's and find someone going in and ask them to get you some amazing bud.
  6. LOL
    not gonna happen AT ALL

    but you could get the same experience camping out in golden gate park for that 5 day period,

    (around haight ashbury, san fran people just walk up to you with dank bud in there hands like hey man, wanna buy some of this?)
  7. Sure broski hit up our farm.

    426 Alpine rd.
    Weaverville, CA 96093

  8. True. If you're in the Haight Ashbury/GG Park area sometimes it's hard NOT to buy weed.

  9. seriously, its like you get near the entrance of the park and you have ten different weed salesmen in your face
  10. lmao...Alpine Rd in Weaverville? Although you could pretty much drive down any road and find a farm in Weaverville.

    Really though, if you want to work on a farm it would be just like a real job. You have to pass background checks and everything. You can probably find info online.
    If you're wanting to hook up with just anyone who grows, you'll have to get to know them first. People up north are getting really relaxed with their grows. There's just too much of it everywhere. Here's a satellite pic I copied from google earth. This is a pot farm right off I 5 near where I live. You can easily see it while driving down the freeway. This year they put up bamboo fencing.
    Maybe go to some of the many MMJ expos they have in Cali. Get to know someone. Of course, keep in mind there are a lot of people wanting these same jobs.
    Also, if you do go to Haight/Ashbury watch out for rip offs. They'll show you one thing and give you something different.
  11. lol, I can't even believe you would think posting this would work.
  12. Hm... everyone seems so sure that this is ridiculous. However, every season I know a bunch of people who find work up in Northern California. People will be sketchy and it will be hard but its possible.
  13. Northern california is chill as fuck when it comes to outdoor grow ops.
  14. Thank you! Seriously, people need help.

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