Clipper lighters

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by PaperZonly, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Anybody else use these? The flint wheel comes out w/ a stem attached that's perfect for packing a J. They're butane refillable, and the flint is also replaceable. I've had 2 since 07 and still use em almost everyday.

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  2. I love Clippers man. The round ones are cool too.
  3. Yeah their my lighter of choice too
  4. I love clippers along with djeeps. The bottoms on the clippers are perfect for packin bowls. Cant find clippers recently tho. Where do you guys get em?
  5. Like I said, I've had mine since '07 and use it everyday. But I got mine in the Azores, its a stream of islands off the coast of Portugal, and absolute paradise. No Buds just all hash there. But everybody used these. Theyre perfectly made for stoners.
  6. Clippers are the shit dude. Both of the main headshops I go to carry em
  7. Some head shops carry them... that's about it. I never see them in gas stations anymore.

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