Clipboard (game)

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  1. Just press ctrl+V and then submit whats on your clipboard.
  2. [​IMG]

    From when I posted in the "which college do/did you go to?" thread. :wave:
  3. Block, Walter, and Meaghan Cussen. The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. 2000. Print.
  4. " " i havnt copyed anything :/
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Home (JVTP)[/ame]
  7. schizophrenia (I couldn't spell it for beans!)
  8. Mulholland Drive
    I was in a movie thread
  9. Man oh man you're my best friend,
    I scream it to the nothingness,
    There ain't nothing that I need.

    lmfao....mine & skimo's are the same pretty much... FB status ftw
  10. "ℓαυяα mαяιə dudickle bostonsucksdikc"

    im a stalker

    lmfao naw i just talked about these people in the "what are you know for on GC thread" copied there names so i wouldnt spell them wrong:smoke:

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