Clinton, Trump, or Obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by VikingToker, Mar 17, 2016.


Donny, Hills or Barry

  1. Obama

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  2. Trump

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  3. Clinton

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  1. If Obama pulled an FDR (he won't, but if, for the sake of a thought experiment) he pulled an FDR and said surprise bitches I'm running for a third term ain't no law gains dat

    and your options at the booth are clinty, trumpy or bamo, who'd you vote for?
  2. Well, y'all know I don't vote but for the sake of a though exercise I would take trump, Obama (threw up in my mouth a little on that) then Killery.

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  3. You'll see the GOP put in someone like Romney in a brokered convention before Obama runs again.

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