Clingy girls. How to shake em?

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  1. I had sex with this French girl a few months back, and its been non stop harassment since. A message a week give or take, and I replied to the first few just to be a nice guy. Then I got bored and she just kept right on trucking sending me awkward clingy messages.

    Here's this months conversation.

    " I miss you but no worries i'm not full in love with you ... Kissss"

    "You haven't got the time to an answer ??"

    "About Australia i have only the memorie of you...
    In America the boy are not the same than you ..."


    I've told her and her sister, who seems to be aiding this, that I find it weird that they keep messaging me. Her sister wanted me to take a video of myself and send it to her....We hungout for a day. 1 day. You guys got any recommendations?
  2. Why not go for her?
  3. When in doubt, drop the F-bomb.

  4. exactly, tell her to fuck off
  5. I don't date. See above for reasons.

    And I didn't want to tell her to fuck off either, but I guess thats what its going to come down to.
  6. Is her only contact with you through messages?? I'd simply ignore (maybe even block) her if you have zero interest in her.
  7. Grow a pair and tell her you aren't interested.. Done
  8. Tell her you hate french toast. Done
  9. Fuck her again, i think that will work....right?
  10. Tell her you're a pre-op tranny. She'll leave you alone.
  11. Try acting like a psycho, act like your obsessed with your mom or something. Really sell it but start off slow or she'll think your joking. That should send her running. great that probably sounds like it comes from personal experience
  12. Just ignore her man.

    I've had a clingy ex girlfriend, and a few girls I dated casually become real clingy.

    If you talk to them at all, they think it's like an opening to get back into your life.
    With clingy people, even talking shit to them/telling them to fuck off, is better in their minds than you ignoring them because you are still giving them attention.
  13. ignore her or tell her to stop contacting you...
  14. Tell her your not interested. Ignoring her is just gonna make her keep texting you. How the hell does she know your not interested anymore if youve been replying to her texts with bs of your own? Tell her.

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