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  1. i have spare office with a window.. its about 7'x8' i wanna do about 1-2 lights because im a beginner in the indoor growing.

    plan to put between 9-25 plants per light .... i really need a pound per light , i know it realies alot on strain and nutrition. but my questions are.

    can i get a pound per light with a 400w 600w or 800w , or do i need to go full blow 1000w ??

    and just how in the heck do i do climate control , i dont have thousands of dollars to get a room !

    i plan on buying seeds , gorwing them under floros , i ahve lots of experience cloning as a teen , infact i just saw some videos of pro labs on youtube and there plants looked pitiful , they went thru big mesasure with being sanitary. put peroxide in the water , in the medium , and sprayed seaweed water when they misted , and heated coils under the domes to keep the roots war m , the biggest measure i took was i think i once cleaned the siccors with peroxide... but maybe i had a good strain cuz i had atleast 90-95% success rate , if not 100% most times.

    there is one thing tho , i grew from a seed and cloned and they were all female by luck , i realize u would have to sex the plant before u clone , but should u clone when a plant is pistoling?

    anyway.... i dont wanna buy a co2 burner , or air conditioner... cuz im only doing 1-2 lights at first. i dont know how to control climate...

    can someone give me good info on how to control climate and what i equipment i nee d.. im keeping it low key to avoid buyin all the expensive shit..... 2 lights , maybe expanding to four after a few crops when i make alittle coin and get expereince , but i need to know what i need as far as ventaltion and , meters and how to use them when to use them , and what wattage i can get away with to get a pound per light , EDUCATE ME!!!!!! THANKS GUYS.
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    I would say probably atleast a 600w for a lb per light, I can only fit about 4 plants comfortably under my 400w hps, the only way to do a lb under 400w is if you have a mega high yielding plant that can give 4 ounces per as a small plant. If the plants get too tall the HPS wont be enough to get any buds on the bottom, some CFL accenting can take care of that easily and cheaply though. Another option would be getting 3 400W or 600W HPS, this would spread the light out a little better, allowing room for as many plants as you're wanting. As far as the climate control, if you are using hot lights a good fan to get air circulating will control it well enough if you aren't wanting to spend too much. It will depend on the size of the office. If it's a full room then you can probably control the climate well enough through the heat/ac of the building it's in, just have a couple temp/humidity gauges and monitor it. For humidity a humidifier/dehumidifier can be purchased fairly cheaply if you have a problem with it, personally I don't.
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    Then i'd say start with modest goals with low overhead (ie. just start with one light and a few plants).

    So your doing a SOG grow then? One lb. per light is not impossible but will require a good deal of experience or alot of luck..... or some of both. I personally never rely on luck to grow anything though.

    More usable lumens = more yield generally. Answering this question depends on the kind of reflector you've got and how you apply it and/or cool it.

    There's really know way around getting a climate controller. Manually regulating temp and RH is way too much of a chore for most.


    You can take clones as late as two weeks into flower.

    It sounds like you need to visit the other categories on this site pertaining to cultivation. There are several good threads and stickies with all the info. you need already condensed into guides.

    Try the search function, do some more research and ask more specific questions and you're liable to get alot more feedback. ;)
  4. i appriciate your direction to each questions , its not that i dont wanna spend the cash really on climate control its that i dont understand how to do it , i figure one or two lights i wont need a c02 burner or airconditioner... just air in and out?

    and like u said to do it manually all day everyday is wacked , so.... do they sell equipment that automatically does this for you?.. knows when its too hot and turn on the exhuast , or do u run the exhuast and intake all day everyday? thats what imt ryin at ..

    also these places sell grow room packages , non with air cons or c02 , so if i expanded one day to lik e 4 lights , can climate still be controlled with intake and out?
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    You'll want a device similar to this --->

    There are many different models and brands of environmental controllers all with various applications. You'll have to research the device/s you're considering to see if they will work for your situation.

    Yes, the environmental controller will continue to operate normally after adding lights, it will probably just cycle more often and run longer during the ON-cycle. The dials on the devices allow you to set the desired temperature and relative humidity and then turn the fans/dehumidifier on and off depending of these existing values in your grow room.

    Environmental control is probably the most important aspect of any grow and will likely involve a good deal of dialing in once you get it setup.

    Hope that helps. :wave:
  6. I'm currently working with these:

    My lighting gives off more then enough heat in the room, so I use a thermostat on my exhaust to cool the room down and keep it at 76 degrees. As far as heating the room in the lights out cycle, I have a small oil filled radiator also on a thermostatic outlet that keeps the room at 68 degrees. Has been working like a champ. Of course my room is only 4'X4'X7'H
    Rule of thumb on lights is 100W per plant.

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