Climate Change

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  1. Does anyone got the feeling that the plants grow different this year ? I live on the edge of Southern Oregon and to me it looks like the plants are growing different. I also had in the last 5 years already mold /Budrot on my plants . This year absolute nothing ( Thank you). It's in general Warmer in my Area. Last year and all the years before I was already freezing my ass of around Harvest time. This morning I was running in shorts around to check on my Girls. I mean , I'm not complaining about not getting mold but somehow this season feels wired to me.
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  2. My grows are indoors, but my outdoor ornamentals and trees have all been having a rough fall. Things here are happening as predicted by NOAA, colder, wetter weather for many of the valleys across Appalachia.

    We have been averaging 2-3 inches of rain (or snow) more this year than expected, with average temps also about 5-10F lower for this time of year.

    I'm not quite sure if it is some of weather variations and hurricane (for us on the East Coast) lately thats clouding my mind, or if I'm attributing an unwarranted sense of foreboding to the weather, because of all the shit thats coming (November elections, flu/covid, severe weather, the economic situation for myself, my business and my 14 employees)

    Anyway, you aren't crazy, or maybe we are crazy together, because this fall "feels off" for me too, but I hesitate to jump to conclusions.

    Either way, brought in a good summer crop, (now all properly burped and cured down to about 63%) and the food, water, fuel, firewood and other supplies are equally stocked. So I'll do what I've always done, hope for the best, and prepare as best I can for the worst.

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  3. atm its 14°C with a 19° predicted maximum.
    In 1957, the temperature was a whopping 30.6°.
    In 1936, the temperature was a chilling -12.8°.

    so yes, the climate changes... every day, every month, every year.

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