CLICK remote control

Discussion in 'General' started by stonedsilly, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. if I had a remote like this I would walk up to a cop, bong in hand, light it, take a huge hit, then just as he was about to arrest me, I'd PAUSE him and blow that shit square in his face.
  2. that would be interesting.... i'm not sure what i'd do.... walk past customs?
  3. I would zip back to 1930 and give Harry J Anslinger a SWIFT KICK IN THE BUTT.
  4. I would go to one of those big speeches the president has on TV where they stop everything else that on TV just for him, and pause him and put a doobie in his hand. :) hehe

  5. ROFL
  6. Im going to see it, i usually like sandlers movies, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, waterboy, LITTLE NICKY was the shit, Mr.deeds, eight crazy nights was ok, anger management, the longest yard was great.
  7. I would pause everything and go get lindsay lohan and put her in my bed. When I un paused it hopefully she would just go along with the situation.

    I would definatley hit up best buy and pause it. I would have so many plasma TVs, I wold use them as coffee tables.

  8. this thread is lol

  9. I would do the same with lindsay, except go back 3 years when she was still innocent.
  10. ROFL
  11. haha if i had a remote like that id hit the bong in class like 100 times after i hit pause and stick it on the teachers desk so it looked like he did it

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