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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. oh wait, what happened? smoky smoky smoky waittaminit, i just blazed two bowls of DANK crystals and hairs!!!!!!!!!!!! im soo high.

    duude. i wonder if, like, the universe is really just a giant hamburger, and were like the lettuce, and god is eating the hamburger. man that would suck man.. but ill still live nicely. gonna buy an island somewhere.. pure anarchy man.. muahahahaha!!! no cops or anything.. and ill just grow sooo many poppies and bud and shrooms and make money from that.. and have a mansion at the highest point of the island, and have lots of insane parties.. i cant wait.. it will be like gilligans island, but cooler. and we all know that gilligans island is killer already, so it will be EXTRA SICK. 4 GRAMS OF SHROOMS YESTERDAY.. pretty fun...... annnnnnd. did you know that any second there could be a solar flare, which completely destroys anything within 100 light years. wed have maybe .5 seconds, and then wed all get completely incinerated. ouch.. but hey, im reading up on this legend which involves some hippies and chaos theory guys secretly developing interdimentional travel by imputting graphical representations of consiousness into high tech light and sound machines.. it actually could very likely be real... everything is completely possible, and a secret military unit massacred a lot of the guys working on it.. but the actual pods are heavily guarded.. to get any info you have to dig DEEP.. its like a giant puzzle intended to filter out certain personality types. most of the original reserchers dissapeared, and it is thought that they regrouped in a uninhabited parallel universe over new jersey... hey, theres lots of stuff we dont know about.. mainstream science completely rejects shit like this, so it has to go underground. oh man im tired.. slept at 5am on saturday and sunday, and then did shrooms last night.. smoked joints all those nights.. mustve bought like $40 worth of munchies. god damn dude.. ive got to get my parents to buy some food.. but gummi bears are killer. it doesnt matter, if your parents just died in a car crash.. and your face just rotted off... if you have gummi bears. oh man that shit was dank.. RIPPED with a capital RIPPED, for fucks sake. its insane.. and i still have the afterglow from the shrooms.. man i get hella sketched out now on shrooms because my friend told me that your brain bleeds.. i know its not true but i always think that my brain is bleeding anyways and it sucks dude. but yeah, its all good, when youre rollin in the hood. for sure, and totally.. its nuts.

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