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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PostIt, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I'm back with yet another question. I've decided to use CFL lamps and currently I'm sprouting some bag seed under a 100w 5500k daylight CFL. Now I need to get a bunch more CFL bulbs to finish the job, I plan on getting some more of these daylight CFL bulbs I already have but I need to know what to get for flower. The store near me only had boxes that said nothing or daylight. Looking around online I see full spectrum, warm white, and cool white. So out of those three what should I purchase for flowering stages?
  2. its better just to have a mix of 5500k (Daylight) and 2700k (Soft White) bulbs for vegetatng then doubling the number of 2700k bulbs during flowering.

    P.S.: A 100W(eq) CFL only dissipates 23W of power. Recommended minimum light I believe is 100W per plant, which means you'll need four of those CFL's for each plant, for flowering.
  3. The CFL bulbs use only 23 watts of electricity but output a large amount of lummens compared to incandescent bulbs right? I assume having one 23 watt CFL per plant during veggie and one between each plant to get the sides should be enough. So if I buy full spectrum am I getting a mis between a soft white and a daylight bulb?

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