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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cobirch2, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. will 3 100 watt CFL's be enough to take a plant completely through a grow cycle? i think the lights are 26 watt, 100 watt equivalent, what exactly does that mean?

    also, will more light favor faster stem growth? my seedlings stem growth seems to be outpacing its leaf growth, although the leaves are fairly large for a 4 day old seedling
  2. You're going to want at least 4 of those lights(26w) 5700k for one plant.

    Your stem isn't 'growing' per-se, its stretching due to the lack of light.. get the lights closer and get more lights.
  3. its just a seedling, is one CFL not enough?
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    ^^ this is a classic sign of stretching, which results from not enough light.

    for taking a seedling to harvest, you'll want to at least double the light you already have. triple it and you'll be doing well.
  5. i need 6 100 watt CFL's for just one plant?

    does the color temperature matter. the bulbs i have now are 2700k. should i use those for flowing and try to find some 6000k for vegging? or will 2700k work fine for vegging?
  6. 2700k will not work for vegging, just add unnecessary heat. You need 6500k bulbs, and stop referring to the bulbs you have as 100 watt. Never use the equivalent number, always refer to their ACTUAL wattage.

    You need 4 26 watt 6500k bulbs, another way of wording that is 4 100 watt equivilent 6500k bulbs.

    When you start flowering you use the bulbs you have now (2700k), and buy an extra.
  7. jeez, were a cocky one arent we
  8. that did come off a little cocky... but you can use 2700K bulbs but as the other poster said, they will run hotter. but they will work, just a little slower but if you dont want to buy new bulbs, your still good to go.

    oh yeah, and its a pretty reference to go off of 100 actual watts for one plant and 50 watts for any plants after that so if you have 3 plants, you want around 200 watts.
  9. You didn't ask about what to use for "just a seedling", you wanted to know what would "be enough to take a plant completely through a grow cycle". And I agree, you want minimum 4 of those 26 watters to bring your plant through the entire grow.

    Completely ignore the "equivalent" watts. These bulbs are created primarily to be enegy-efficient replacements for household incanscent bulbs, so when they put "equivalent" watts on the box that is a short-hand way of saying that this CFL bulb gives off about the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb of that "equivalent" wattage. In other words, the light is equivalent, but not the watts (which is why it's more energy efficient).

    It just so happens that these bulbs are good for growing MJ as well, but the language on the box doesn't speak our language. MJ growers are not at all concerned with the amount of light given off by incandescent bulbs, so we aren't concerned with "equating" CFL bulbs to incandescents in any way.

    You can use 2700k through the whole grow, but it would be better to use 6500k for veg stage.
  10. Not a great way to get help on something that has been asked 5 times a day everyday since CFLs were invented. Had you done the reading you are supposed to before making this topic you would have already known that.

    Be grateful someone took the time to answer and correct you.

    As for the stretching move the cfl closer and get more and get the right spectrum (6500k), it's much cheaper to buy 4+ packs. Home Depot or Lowes should be where you are heading.

    I have found the cheap walmart bulbs put out more heat.
  11. Four minimum IMO for a semi short plant.

    One for each two inches of height till all four are used at 8" tall and turn the plant every day.

    Add a fan to breeze the plant use a good reflector and keep the light at 1-2 till harvest.

    Enjoy.....and read!
  12. Go for the HydroFarm 125W CFLs vertically if you have the room.

    I think I'm almost done tweaking my setup. See my sig.

  13. Really...

    I did not mean to come off cocky, but if I did be grateful anyway I gave you straightforward clear information instead of complaining.
  14. :confused:
  15. I could not of said it better :hello:

  16. I'm agreeing with you.
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    to be honest, most of you are kind of assholes. i just asked a question, im sorry if its its been asked before, but i felt that posting a question that was exactly specific to me and my situation would benefit me most out of anything. im sorry if i offended you idiots by adding one more post to the forums

    Please refrain from calling other members names. most of them were just trying to answer a question that a simple search would have found anyway.
  18. Before grouping all the assholes together how about addressing the non-"A" holes who did respond with good advice.

    My advice is to discount the assholes but take the criticism and use it to your advantage,the ppl who been here awhile will give good advice MOST of the time even if it's not what you wanted to hear.
  19. Even those of use whole called him out provided help. He just wants to act that way, and has been negatively repped and reported.
  20. no, i just dont understand why you have to react with hostility to someone that just has a question about marijuana, and wants to grow a good plant.

    im grateful for all the answers, even to those whose answers were worded harshly, although more so to the mature people here that were able to simply answer the question. yes, i suppose i overreacted as well, but theres just no need to critisize someone for using equivilent wattage (when i obviously didnt know the difference) or for simply posting another thread.

    dont make generalizations about me (especially when you dont want me to make them about you), saying i just want to act tough and difficult, because thats not my goal at all. i just dont like disrespect. if your not respectful to me on my thread, im not going to be respectful to you. its as simple as that.
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