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Clever bong names?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Ripfest, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. I got a blue 12 inch bong yesterday and I wanna think of a clever name for it but I wanna see what you clever stoners have to say. ;)

    I named the last blue bong Obelisk, the Tormenter for all you Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there.
  2. Ole blue us the name of mine... But something clever? Yeah I got nothin
  3. Uhh rolls right off the tongue. I like bongzy
  4. BBilly bong thortan. Barrock obonga .
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    I name all of my pieces after nuclear weapons tests. My 12" SYN is "Trinity" (the United States' first atomic test) and my Stemline is "Argus" (the first atomic test carried out in space).
  6. My 8 arm dome perc bongs name is octochron
  7. Jack The Ripper.
  8. The hand of god
  9. Post pics
  10. I really like Jack the Ripper and The Hand of God. I can't post pics, I'm letting my friend hold it til I get off probation in 11 days. haha
  11. Thanks ^.^
    I don't personally own a bong yet (living with parents)
  12. Bongzilla
  13. Willy Bongka
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    Da flowah munchah.
    Suck on this!
    In yo face!
    The dabbler gobbler.
    Daddy's alone time vase.
    The big boy penis pump.
    Cotton candy.
    The Green-mobile... "Quick Robin, let's hop in the Green mobile... but Batman we never do shit when we ride the Green mobile, I thought we had shit to do man... Naw fuck that Robin, I'm on break today, they can solve their own damn problems for once... Wait, ummmm, do we ever do anything Batman? I dunno Robin. Batman... ummm... why the fuck are we wearing costumes? Because weed is awesome. We aren't super heros are we? Shut the fuck up and rip that bong already, you haven't passed it for, like... five minutes."
    The milk man.
    Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams.
    The food enhancer.
    Instant boredom cure.
    The chubby chaser.
    The rantmaster.
    The MTV addict.
    Let's get mary wet.
  15. Sir Coughs Alot
  16. Richard. Richard Bong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Besides that, I try to name them after things that have personal meanings. My Mobius 60t Stereo Matrix is called "Moweebius" due to my friend pronouncing Mobius Strike(Guild Wars skill name) as such.

    It's much more entertaining and creative to name them without using any 420-related subjects. At least to me.
  17. The milk man it is. That one was really clever thanks for the name!
  18. I call mine "bong"

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