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Cleveland Area (440) Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sellersdj, May 4, 2011.

  1. Nice Lemon Haze nug:

    No name dro on top, and some dank medical dispensary shit on bottom:

    Orange Kush:

    Some Purple in Nugs:

    Purple Broken Up:

    Another no name nug:

    That nug rolled up in a nice fat Wiz Khalifa style J:

    Gram of Sour Diesel:
  2. nice man, nice. love the nug porn. The ' other no name' looks delicious. smoke report please!
  3. chip tha ripper didnt lie, cleveland has some paaaaaaaaaaaaang bud
  4. Haha yeah most of them are no names. Cannot believe I used to smoke regs.

    A few of them are from my dads collection, need to just start getting herb off him.
  5. Haha looks like pretty rough bud, i'd smoke it regardless but looks a little old bud :hello:
  6. very nice.. some good stuff in the 440 :]

  7. Uhh what?
  8. good shit good shit. check out some of my posts if ya wanna see what we getting in dayton

  9. Nice buds 440 and 937, I scoped some posts :D. The 513 ain't bad either. :wave:
  10. Some no name dank:


  11. nice looking nugs bro
  12. Half a gram of purp:


    Half gram of some no name:

  13. Quarter of some extremely smelly sticky shit"


  14. Fuck... need that to come south man

  15. cudi and chip my *****sss
  16. Good bud, bad roll.
  17. sellersdj the las pic looks like this lemon sour diesel i get. its so damn sticky and spongey and it smells like pot pussy. i live in 440area so we might have the same connect haha

  18. How the fuck you bout to say bad roll? Joint was just about perfect, kid.
  19. Wasssssssup my dude im from parma to i need a hookuppp
  20. #20 Zosogirl, Jul 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Um...did u even read the rules? No hookups brah, sorry :bolt:

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