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  1. Ok, so im trying a grow, i've never done it before, but i figured i may as well try just for fun. So i attempted to germinate about 10 seeds, after 3 days only 2 successfully germinated. I initially put them both in shell down, then i watched a youtube that said they should go in shell up, clearly im a newb. are they still going to sprout? and was i supposed to leave the shell above the dirt? i completely buried it about an inch down. i know this all super basic stuff, but yea i never tried growing a god damn thing b4.
  2. Google "How to grow marijuana".
  3. i have, and it hasnt answered those simple questions.
  4. i never find the actual planting part. i see alotta germination, and then alot about growing after its already sprouted.
  5. Just leave them as they are, nature will sort it out for you :smoke:
  6. hi dude not the best way to start growing MJ as it needs some research before hand really,

    if you want to help your self out bigtime check out these links

    reading through those will give you a much greater understanding of the basics

    hope that helps
  7. thanks alot for that mills
  8. The seeds will sprout if the growing conditions are right... no worries it might just take an extra day or two to break the surface because of the rerouting around the shell... should be perfectly fine.
  9. I've always done clones but my common sense advice would be that if you're having trouble germinating them the paper towel method then you should try just doing it the normal way.
  10. I love these answers. Or "Here's a link to a 50 page guide that you can spend the next three hours combing through".
  11. yep best way to it, just how most of us on here started, do the 'boring' bit reading/research(if u find that boring) then on to the fun of growing safe in the thought that you atleast have an idea of the basics of what your doing:smoke:
  12. [ame=] Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible (9781878823236): Jorge Cervantes: Books[/ame]

    This is a good piece of literature to have on hand. I picked a copy up at my local barnes and noble for $23. I use it more as a "field manual" for when I need a quick question answered but it has a ton of good info and a lot of external resources in it for new growers.

    Sorry if my first post came off dickish. I didn't mean for it to.

    Edit: If you are short of cash you can find free .PDF versions online. Just have to know where to look.

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