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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by littleone, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Okay, I am very new here, and very new to growing. It seams for growing a small personal use plant, the light bulbs used should be 250 watts to 400 watts, but it seams all the lighting system that use these bulbs ( which seam to be only 20-30 bucks) are very pricey, 100-600 bucks, can I stick a 250 watt bulb in a conventional lamp? I've snooped around on this forum, and it seams one or two people have done this. can anyone clear this up?.... or if anyone has good cheap ideas, can they post a link to the online store .... like lowes? or home garden(in the US) etc etc... I just wanna make a small operation, that isn't fancy and expensive, thanks in advance.. and in terms of seeds at first I was just planning on getting some from friends who have saved seeds, but I was to order off the net,; the ship to US right, would thhis be my best bet?.... thanks in advance again..

  2. For your first grow, I would suggest using bag seeds (seeds from some of the weed you buy). Though you may do perfectly fine on your first grow, its always better to not take the chance of buying 40 dollar seeds, then accidently over-ferting or under-watering them from being unexperienced.
    As for a conventional lamp, thats a nono. It'd be not more than a waist of electricity. You need to use either a metal halide, a HPS, a metal vapor, or the cheapest of the group, fluoros. If you need any more help ask.
  3. well, now this project seams much less vague, if fluoros are the way to go, where is a good place to buy them, do the bulbs come separate?

  4. fluoros.. u can buy the one that fit in your normal house lamp sockets... there cheap bulbs.. like 6 bucks a pack... the more u add the better...
  5. is that good Idea though, it seams like the long fluorescent lights the 'shop lights' or 'work lights' are the way to go ex:

    but I don't know where to get them, I have an ACE hardware near by, I'm not sure if walmarts even exist up here in washington any suggestions on brands?... ordering of the internet might be easier than finding it at a store... but hey anything works, everywhere I look though, these shop lights are lik 7-50 watts, where are the 250-500 watt fixtures??

    almost there...
  6. long tubs are better, cuzz they longer.. but the fixtures are way expinsive.. i would rather just buy a hps system, to get better worth it yeild....
  7. the reason I don't wanna get a hps system (not only the price) is I'm not out to grow a lot of plants, just a couple small ones... so I wanna keep it small and simple.. I just went to ace and there is a dual fluoro fixture for 13 bucks, but all the bulbs are 15-20 watts, obviously this isn't enough, where can I find higher wattage? also there were mercury bulbs that were 65-125 watts each for under 10 bucks, if I was to get those, what sort of fixture would ne neccessary?
  8. i think mecury are the same price of a hps fixtures...

    they have higher watts on flos aswell, u just got to look for it or ask one the workers there.....
  9. well, if I had some cheapo fluoros going it seams like I could grow the plant, and do an okay job on vegetation, but for flowering its just not enough light, so I would need HPS or something, the HPS system are just too much for me to spend, but these bulbs (and ones similar)

    are what I am looking at in terms of price, what fixtures are good for these that aren't pricey????

    thanks a bunch
  10. best of all for 2 plants and a wardrobe grow would be like a 100-250w HPS.

    second would be that 175w MH bulb you just showed us in the link......but usually a MH requires a ballast to power it......this is the electrical box that makes all of the HID lights more expensive.

    and last the fluros.

    2 plants grown well in a wardrobe under a 100-250 HPS will give you from 1-3 oz per plant.......Peace out......Sid

    it's worth the extra money.........even if it means, waiting till you have that money.
  11. So it is really 'worth' saving 90-150 bucks to buy one of the hps system ballasts like 420 linked to... and use on top of that, or before I save up for the hps, have those cheapo fluoros for the vegetation of the plant?

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