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  1. So soon I am planning on starting my first grow, this is going to be inside a pc case. The one thing I am worried about is the smell. I had an idea to use the 120mm outtake fan to push the smell through some flexible PVC tubing and out of my window. Anyone here tried anything like that before? Also would a tube like that contain the smell or would it just leak through the tube as its being blown through?
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    For controlling smell what works best is to have the fan on the far end of the outflow tube. That way all possible leaks are on the suction side and are being pulled in and not pushed out. Means your fan will be outside or right at the window.
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    Ahh thank you :)
    Would it be even better to have a fan pushing air out into the tube and then at the other end of the tube have a fan pushing it out of the window?
  4. Small amounts of diy ozone...

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