Clear rolling paper

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  1. ive never tried it, but was wondering if you seasoned tokers prefer it or regular paper instead?
  2. I used to use clears until I ran out of them. They are pretty sweet to roll, a little tricky at first but easy. They burn very slow and there isnt really glue on them, you just lick them and they are sticky. It really brings out the taste of the bud in a jay form. I usually unroll big roaches or blunt roaches and roll them with clears instead, its pretty sweet
  3. My two words, They are supposed to be more healthy because they are made from plant matter.
  4. i rather have a regular zigzag than one of those clear not wasteful and of course i used the whole pack but after the first one i didnt buy anymore packs...i cant notice a difference so that means it isnt that much better or i just stick with my elements, zig zag oranges, and hempires
  5. how come no one is factoring in the bad ass factor to these papers? i mean come on, it's like smoking a weed stick. looks sick
  6. They look pretty legit, but from my experience they burn pretty fast. I'd rather just buy some hemp papers :smoke:
  7. I like clear papers better just because they burn slower.
  8. thats all i use ,luv um
  9. if im rolling green i only use JOB crystals. they burn epically slow when rolled correctly. however if they're to loose your you dont do a good job in the actual "rolling" part with your thumbs they tend to sidey.

    get your first pack and start working on it. if your a meh roller they can be a bit bad. but if you can roll well a perfect clear J is much better then a perfect paper one.
  10. I had a thread about this a few weeks ago, and I still haven't ordered some. :rolleyes: I'm more interested in getting a rolling machine for zig zag's. I mean, I can roll a J, but they don't turn out all that well. Granted, I haven't had much practice, but still a 5$ rolling machine to make PERFECT joints in like 2 seconds. Sounds reasonable to me.
  11. Zig Zag Ultra Lights FTW:hello::smoking:

    Daym near see thru...:D
  12. I use the clear J's VERY VERY NICE.
  13. The only reason I would get them is because they look cool.
    When you are taking a hit, you can see the smoke going through the joint to your mouth :D
  14. Trip King Size man. easy to roll slow burning and all you taste is the herb. also dig zig zag double wides

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