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Clear Eyes vs. Visine

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, Sep 12, 2002.


Which do you use?

  1. Clear Eyes

    0 vote(s)
  2. Visine

    1 vote(s)
  3. Other brand

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  4. Never use eye drops

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  1. Which do you prefer? and why? Does it enhance, kill or do nothing to your high?

    As for me I choose Clear Eyes because "it has an ingredient to moisturize. Wooow." It enhances my high, because my eyes feel more comfortable and refreshed. It put's me more at ease going into public places.
  2. wow. I couldnt even vote! I dunno what to say about this except (ha! of course I have something to say!) I dont perfer anything, I TRY an use visine (at least thats what I happen to have) but I tell you, *nothing* works for me and my blues. [​IMG]Im patriotic all the time and everyone knows it!!! Nothing helps me! its sometimes frustrating and quiet shady when your wearing sunglasses, inside, 9 o'clock at night! hehe..
  3. hahaha i seem to be a expert in this section. I prefer clear eyes one drop in each and your set to talk in front of your parents stoned outta your mind. I find visine take more drops to take affect. I feel when your high is almost down and you put drops it completely kills it. Just my opinion
  4. Someone told me or i read that if you give each eye a drop RIGHT before you blaze....your eyes wont get red.

    i havent tried yet because i dont use drops but someone fill me in!
  5. I like visine it make my eyes fell nice and cool and my high stays the same.
  6. I have tried Visine and others but nothing worked. I know other people that it didnt work for either, but I dealt with it. One day while sitting at a park with some people, smoking of course, someone handed me some Visine, and this stuff got ALL the red out. It did it quick too. Its Visine-A. It has to have the A. Its like 7 bucks a bottle but one drop in each eye and perfection. It has worked for everyone I know that has tried it. I don't think you can get it anywhere, but I get mine at Walgreens. It takes a couple minutes of hunting but its there.
  7. hehe my eyes dont get red...they i think they get wet and red and it bleeds and its pink. but im a vampire. so maybe im just crying blood tears... i guess...they are sorta pink rite now..hehe pink eyes..but not pink eye. its toke eye
  8. OK here it is

    from what i have heard if you use visine alot i heard after alot of usage it makes your eyes start to turn yellow a bit but im not sure if thats true but i choose clear eyes and if you are gonna use drops i would suggest just putting em in before you toke or its sort of a pain in the ass if ya know what i mean.

  9. I don't know about using Visine regularley on your eye will turn it yellow, but I do know if you use Visine while wearing contacts it will turn your contacts yellow.

  10. lol, isnt this how those rumors start?!?!?!
  11. You may think I'm shitting around, but I've done it myself. I put Visine on while wearing my contacts, then I finally saw them while cleaning and they had a yellow tint to them. It's why they make eye drops specially formulated for contact users and non contact users.
  12. Visine and Clear Eyes are probably just the same exact thing with different names. Except for Visine-A which works like no other. I don't quite know the ingredients to visine, but I know its about 98% water and then some other shit that cuts off the bloodflow to your eyes so that your veins don't get all red.
  13. For the past couple of week's, I have been paying close attention to which eyedrops work the best...
    Honestly i've seen diffrent eye drops work for diffrent people..
    For me, its defintly Clear-Eye's... whenever I use them, I use one drop in each eye and it work's wonders.. With visine, I have recently notice, that it does nothing at all for me.

    grr, and on a seperate note, my clear eyes just ran out!!!11, dam visine does nothing for me..
  14. Anyone else get to the point that if they smoke regularly their eyes don't really get that red?

    Maybe it just 'seems' that way, lol.
  15. Tear gel is the best. it's a gel that you put into your eyes and it feels so nice. visine is horrible for your eyes, it dries them right out. but i have to admit that if their is visine around and i need it. i will use. tear gel is more expensive but if you use that kind of shit on your eyes alot, better make it the good stuff.
  16. im high, and um, yea, i got visine i think, gotto gotta use that.
  17. here are my findings about the eye situation:

    i find that if i put in eye drops (any sort) before a toking session, my eyes will not be red. if i smoke outdoors, for the most part my eyes will usually be slightly red to not red at all.
    if i smoke indoors in a smaller volume space such as car or small room like bathrooms and such, my eyes turn a robust crimson. perhaps the red eye effect can also be attributed to irritation that marijuana smoke produces when it comes into contact with the eye surface - which would explain why there are more instances of red eyedness in more claustrophobic smoking situations. as to why cigarette smoke does not have an adverse effect on eye color, i am at a loss - it may be that this smoke lacks certain chemical irritants that cannabis smoke contains.
    at any rate i try to keep some sort of eye clearing device (clear eyes as of late) in order to be somewhat presentable to my parents, RA's and other such figures of authority.
  18. Strange thing is my eyes used to never get red when I smoked and this past couple of months, they've been gettin bloodshot every time.
  19. I use Clear eyes right before I smoke, or at least I used to. Now my eyes hardly ever turn red or pink, they just stay white.

  20. Shame on you Sweetness. You should never lie to a stoned person. Now we don't know if we are really stoned or not. LOL

    Visine ac is what i use when i use something!

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