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Clear blunt wraps?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Trevo4311, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Last night I went to a party and was blazing with some of my friends, and I got the idea to roll a blunt, so my friend went and got these weird clear blunt wraps that he had. I asked him how it was clear and he said its some carbon stuff.

    Just wondering what the wraps we're made out of, they actually weren't very good wraps but we we're all blazed out of our minds and had no other wraps and didn't feel like getting more.
  2. Its usually plant cellulose.
  3. You mean clear joint papers... ?
  4. Theyre some weird plastic crap, theyre fucked up to roll. Fuck plastic.

  5. it's plant cellulose bright one....
  6. The one i had was pre rolled. good blunt. i just had to put weed in it and pack it with a straw. i liked it
  7. Yeah it's plant cellulose, its a joint paper though, blunt wraps by definition are made of tobacco. I like them, tougher to roll but they smoke slower and more evenly from personal experience, also completely tasteless which I like, and i think i heard something somewhere about them being healthier than burning paper, idk though, that could be total bs or i could be thinking of something else.

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