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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JohnLajoie, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. So yeah i was wondering, can i clean my glass pipe with hot water? Not boiling it just running hot water throught it.
  2. You can but it'll be a long and grueling process + your piece probably won't be spotless afterwards. Shell out a few bucks for some alcohol or a safe all purpose cleaner and you'll be working from a good position.
  3. Yeah man ISO alcohols where its at.
  4. You can, but like above poster said, get alcohol the 98% kind, fill it about 1/4 with some rice, and shake vigorously
  5. Don't headshops have some cleaning stuf?
  6. Or salt.
  7. Soap and water, breh
  8. Alcohol will make it absolutely spotless.

    Put your piece in a Ziploc, pour about a 1/2 inch of alcohol, then a teaspoon of Salt on top. then blow a bit of air into the bag, close it, and give it a shake.
  9. guess ill make way down to wally world and buy some alcohol
  10. Women are good for 3 things.... Cooking, Cleaning, And Vagina
  11. I disagree, even with disgusting pipes hot water is successful in cleaning my glass thoroughly. There have only been a couple pipes that I needed the assistance of alcohol.

    My method, run hot water through the pipe....use pipe cleaner...repeat until I see a lack in progress, then I let it soak in hot water for a couple minutes. I then repeat the first two steps. And so's obviously best to keep your pipes clean for the most part. I'd prefer this method of dealing with alcohol. First off water is cheaper than alcohol, second of all I hate smelling alcohol.

    I don't know what people are doing with their pipes that they feel the need to use alcohol to clean it ALL the time.
  12. iso alc + salt = brand new piece. it takes like 30 seconds.

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