Discussion in 'General' started by Munkey, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Hey, How's it going. I'm pretty much new around here, and just checking stuff out. Good stuff here. Anyways, i was wondering what's the best thing to use to clean your bong other than special pipe or bong cleaner ( i got no cash, just spent it all on bud), my bong is getting alittle nasty and water and soap seems to do nothing

  2. if it's glass, you can always boil it...just be careful not to let it shatter
  3. the bottum half of it is glass, but it gots some trippy ass pictures of in and i dont wanna destroy them. But that part i don't need to worry about cleaning, just the bowl, along with other stuff.
  4. glass can be cleaned with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and table salt. For glass bongs...fill it from the stem with rubbing alcohol and a good amount of salt, plug the stem and shake the bong vigorously. Put a similar mixture into a plastic bag, drop your downstem in there and shake the bag vigorously. Do this for about 5 minutes for each piece and they should come out brand new.
  5. Oh man, thanks! i gotta clean some rez off first, rez bowls are heavenly.

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