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  1. What do you think the best piece cleaner is and why?
    I haven't used many but grungeoff is great!

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  2. nail polish remover, borax, vinegar and salt
    Two out of 4 of those are toxic to inhale, try again there bud....
    Isopropyl 91%-99%, you can sift out the resin, purge it, and smoke it like hash. Good to top bowls with.
  4. ISO and Salt. And for the tough shit a little crunge off overnight helps.
  5. I clean my bong with nail polish remover then immediately hit it without washing it out with something. I love toxic blazing.
  6. Get some rubbing alcohol, sea salt, and a ziplock baggie. Mix up some of the rubbing alcohol and salt in the bag, put your piece in and run the concoction through it for a few minutes then dump out the nasty residue that has been cleaned out of your pipe. works like a charm
  7. He is right

  8. He is right

    I concur.

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