Cleaning your pipe/bowl

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  1. I need to fly with my glass pipe in my checked bag. If it's clean it shouldn't be a problem.

    I was thinking boiling it in water? With soap, salt, vinegar, oil or something (not all together lol). And clean the inside with a brush.

    Has anyone done something like this before??

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  2. Just get some glass pipe/bong cleaner. I get it dirt cheap at $2.50 a bottle at my LHS. Just load it up and shake it around. The cleaner and scrubbing crystals do the hard work.
  3. Hallooo I have a pipe cleaning vid on my youtube heres a link

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  4. Get some Formula 420 or Orange Chronic and it will be clean in no time. It truly dissolves the resin and will make it as good as new. You will not be disappointed!
  5. Any advice for cleaning thick residue inside old school wood pipe with lid? (Aside from scraping with pipe cleaners) Worried the liquid solution methods described for glass and such will destroy the wood...? Thanks!
  6. I would recommend getting some 99% isopropyl alcohol, and kosher salt (regular salt works too but kosher is better). wrap all of the pipe (or just openings) in seran wrap and then put in the alcohol and salt (enough so that you can swish it around but not too much) then you wrap up the opening you pored the stuff into. shake it on and off a couple minutes a time for 15 minutes. then leave it for another 5, unwrap empty rinse well and enjoy!
    btw sorry for formatting and any mistakes i make I'm resting at a solid [8] rn
  7. Thank you FatherGanja, your advice is much appreciated! Will give it a try!((Peace!))
  8. idk if I'd use that method on wood
  9. FYI, I just cleaned a glass bubbler that I've had for about 15 years and never cleaned.  I tried multible patches of soaking in iso alcohol and warmed up, gentle boiling, lots of shaking, etc...and there was still stubborn big chunks of shit that couldn't get out.
    Then I squirted some carburator cleaner in there and that stuff dissolved seemingly instantly.  It was amazing, it disolved even nooks and crannies that I didn't know hadn't been cleaned yet.  Stinky yes, but it was amazing and I'll be using that same method next time without a doubt.

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