Cleaning Your Piece.

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  1. Well i just wanted to share the way i clean my bongs/bowls/bubblers and such. Maybe many of you do it the same way i do, i found it to be rather effective.

    Baking Soda
    A roll of paper towels.

    Its pretty simple first i get some baking soda and salt into the base of whatever im cleaning bubblers and bowls require a little bit more time. (but more salt then baking soda) I stick wads of towels into any openings of whatever im cleaning. I then pour in enough vinegar to start the reaction with the baking soda (like your 2nd grade volcano). Shake violently but don't be a dumbass and drop your piece. Slowly add a bit more vinegar and repeat the'll start to see the salt turning into a brown hue because it is actually scraping the resin and nasty bits from the glassware. Once you are happy with what you see start cleaning it all out with water, by this time you will see how well you really did clean your piece.

    Of course you can repeat these steps until you are happy with the end results...I figured i share the way i do because it never failed me, sorta interested in some new methods as well.

    P.S-Smoking out of dirty glass makes you peasant, have some self respect and keep the pieces clean, Stay high friends:ey: + :bongin: = :smoking:

  2. Quoted for fucking truth.
  3. bumped much?
  4. Interesting, I will be trying this later. I've always gone for iso and salt, but this seems like a good idea. Right on man. :smoke:
  5. I had never used vinegar until I got fed up with the hard water stains on my tubes and tried to clean them off. It worked so well that I now i mix it with my iso and epsom salts every time I clean my pieces. Iso works perfect for cleaning grunge off your glass, but if you want it to sparkle like new, using vinegar goes a long way.

    What does the baking soda help? I realize it reacts with the vinegar, but is it just acting as an additional abrasive like the salt or does it help with something else? I have never thought to try it.

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