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  1. I looked EVERYWHERE before writing this on my grow thread, couldn't find ANY INFO! This has helped my plant tremendously and I figured I'd share incase someone like me runs into a problem of "dirty leaves" that's killing their plant(s). And btw, I didn't EXACTLY know where to post this problem! It is an indoor grow soooooo... Here we are and here's the OP, from my thread, of my story!!

    OK, JESUS.... I FINALLY figured out a way to "clean" your leaves of excess residue, weither its due to a heavy foiliar feeding's leftovers or just plain dirt/dust. (I've seen it, trust me! Dirt "stained" leaves. Believe it or not. Not ever on my plants though! Lol... The dirt atleast!)

    Anyways, I got led on this journey by a HEAVY foilar feeding of bat guano and earthworm castings (aka Fix Farms' "Big Bloom") I gave to my plant after a couple of tops/branches started peeling away from the main stalk. (Via crucial LST) The two stems were looking kind of deficient where it broke at the time, so she got a nice "boost" with the foliar feeding at lights out!

    .... Then the substance turned into a PROBLEM! It was messing up my photosynthesis because almost ALL of my bud site fan leaves were CAKED in this SHIT! (LITERALLY! LOL!) That's what u can compare it to in terms of looks... Someone popping a squat and diarrhea'ing on your plant. Lovely huh? Lol...

    Well, now that's said..... Haha.... The plants leaves were covered, water wasn't doing it, hell MY FINGERS RUBBING THE LEAVES WITH WATER WOULDN'T EVEN GET IT OFF! It was crazy..... NEVER have had something cake onto my plant like that! Ever. 100+ plants.

    I decided to take ACTION! Now, I couldnt find anything in my brief searches... This could still be out there. But I read on a Google search somewhere that milk does leaves good, and we all know what neem oil does. (For those who DON'T. It stinks to HIGH heaven. Its an oil that u mix with water and spray your plants and plants surroundings, including the soil. It helps protect against just about any creepy, crawly thing (as well as SOME fungi) u can think of... but on the contrary it also makes your leaves, BUDS and such oily. I wouldn't use it EVER anytime after "midflower"....

    I just took an 8 oz spray bottle n mixed it 1 part whole milk, 1 part neem oil and the rest HOT water (as hot as my faucet would get). And then just sprayed It on the plant until the bottle was gone.... everywhere! I did this RIGHT BEFORE lights on at 12pm! The lights cut on and voila! Clearness!!!!!

    It worked! And I can ALREADY tell its helping after being under the lights for an hour. (**UPDATE- PLANTS BACK TO VIGOR GROWTH AFTER A TRIM OF SOME UN NEEDED LEAVES AND THIS "WASH" ok, keep reading..... Lol) I wish I had a before pic (well I do, but not from yesterday when it was BAD! Just go back a page, maybe even this one? And check it out!) I do have after pics I just took tho, the leaves have FINALLY perked back up and everything looks "normal" again. Just a giant, low profile BUSH! It was so bad YESTERDAY that I thought it had gotten "rootbound" and was dying on me! Almost transplanted it!

    Ok, maybe this can help someone one day on a search like I went through! I'm telling u, water DID NOT CUT IT and anyone that's had this will TELL U!
  2. thank you soooo much
  3. Hi.
    Just saw this thread,
    You are right on the money.
    My mom bought a house plant when i was 5 and i remember helping her by cleaning the leaves with a mixture.
    Asked her last night what the mix was, 1) part mayonaise, 3) parts milk.
    I have the plant now and its 40 years old.... stuff must have done something right.
  4. How much milk and Neem Oil to 8oz bottle did you use ?

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