Cleaning your bong without creating microscratches?

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  1. I just got a new EHLE bong, and it is my first bong, so I really want to take good care of it. I've heard using salt and iso alchohol is good, but i've also heart the the salt can create microscratches in bong which will eventually collect more resin inside the cracks.

    Just wanted to know what your guys's thoughts were on this. Is any any specific type of salt I should avoid?
  2. my local headshop has this stuff called grunge off which works magic. it will make the nastiest looking piece look brand new after just soaking in this. it also removes all smell. it is reusable so you just pour it back into the jug. i have been using my current bottle for 6 months now cleaning it weekly. Grunge Off Super Soaker
  3. I've never had any trouble with iso and salt on any of my pieces, even my EHLE, from basic cleaning nearly every day.

    The one thing that has happened is when I let the alcohol and salt sit in the bottom of my tube, it created an interesting looking pattern in the glass from the salt, but it's hardly noticeable. So if you are going to soak it omit the salt, otherwise you shouldn't have any trouble. I've certainly never noticed any cracks and especially nothing with resin, and I've been cleaning the EHLE this way for over a year.

    Just grab a big thing of basic table salt.
  4. it will start to fade after years and years of cleaning. but go get some simple green. let it soak overnight and rinse.
  5. I use Salt+Iso on all of tubes since as far back as i can remember and havent had any problems on any of them. I use Grunge Off on my slides since thats alot easier than shaking, for the tubes though Salt+Iso is my go to choice.
  6. Simple Green...Best shit hands down. (Along with Grunge Off)
  7. I used simple green to clean fungus off boats...
    that shit is toxicly disguising and would never get it anywhere near my bong!

    I use iso if anything
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    It's organic.
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    yea i use that shit alot, not really that bad.. iso sucks for me, doesnt get crystal clear, even with 91 and kosher S.
  10. 100% acetone nail polish remover. works better than anything else, ever. Of course, you do want to rinse it for a few mins after.

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