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  1. I have recently just tried a new experiment with me and a couple of my buddies.
    One day we were sitting in my buddies basement and we all decided to clean our pipes.
    So he went up stairs and brought down a container of salt and rubbing alcohol. So when he put this pipe in the bag and sprinkled some salt on top of it, then he poured just enough of the rubbing alcohol to cover the top of his pipe. He just closed the bag up twisted it a couple of times and then put it on a shelf.
    A few hours and a couple dozen bong rips passed by and then we remembered about this chicks pipe. When we looked at the bag it was absolutely black and reeked of resin. Then when he scraped the inside of her pipe through the mouthpiece with a straightened out paper clip.
    After about a half an hour the pipe was completely clear and all it needed was a rinse of water.
    And of course the best thing about the entire experiment that was completely awesome was after we were done we let the resin dry out for a little bit and then we put it on the scale and it came out to be just over 3 grams of RESIN!!! WOW

    P.S: I highly recommend that you do not use this method with anything but your GLASS PIPES. I hope this information will come to your benefit in your near future to keep your best friend nice and healthy:D
  2. so we should clean the website with alcohol and it will spit resin out of the printer???


    I should try that.
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