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Cleaning wood pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sour Citrus, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. So I have this sweet little wood pipe I made a while ago, I use it a lot. It's getting clogged with resin and I dont know how to clean a wood piece. Do I use isopropyl? Boil? Please help me!! Thanks!
  2. Weather you use iso or boiling im sure either way the pip will absorb some of the liquid. Dont know if thats really detrimental to the pipe because it will dry out. I would go with iso because it would be in contact for less longer than the time sitting in boiling water plus the outside wont be getting wet. I have a feeling if you boiled a wooden pipe it would swell up a little if you left it in there.....idk...the pipe will absorb some iso and will take longer to evape since it will be in the grain of the wood right so i wouldnt use it right away.....I have no idea of the correct answer.

  3. Yea this is why I'm asking. It's very confusing!
  4. Since wooden pipes are most used for tobbacco smoking and tobbacco smokers clean their pipes with pipe cleaners this makes me thhink that there really isnt an easier or gentler way to clean them because if there was they wouldnt be fucking with pipecleaners. Of course we know pipe cleaners wont do a good job on resin...
  5. Pipe cleaners work great on resin when you dip them in iso. If you get rez on anything, take a paper towl with iso and wipe it off. always works:)
  6. When cleaning a wood pipe I will normally use heat and metal to get out the big chunks or at least clear a path. Straighten a paper clip and heat it with a lighter, careful of burns. Use it to melt and scrape any big chucks of resin.

    Afterwards you want to use pipe cleaners soaked in rubbing alcohol. Do it at the sink with the water running. Ram the pipe with the soaked pipe cleaner then rinse with cold water. Keeping the water and the pipe cold will minimize any chance of absorbing alcohol.

    Once you get it loosed up, the alcohol will eat the tar, keep flushing it with cold water to clear it it completely.

    Good luck!

  7. Hey thanks for the tips. So soaking it in iso is not a good idea
  8. get a hard bristle pipe cleaner and dip a little bit of it in some rubbing alcohol (the higher the % the better) and get a second one preferably a soft pipe cleaner or q-tip and dip into water enough so that its moist but not dripping. quickly and lightly use the first p cleaner then immediately hit it with the one soaked in water to wash out the pipe as to keep the alcohol from getting absorbed as much as possible, then dry it out fast. i prefer a hair dryer on high because it accelerates the evaporation of anything that soaked into the grain whereas using a cloth would just push it in further as well as keeping the wood from bloating.

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