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Cleaning with Comet/Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GlassMaster42O, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Morning Blades,

    I was just using the bathroom and washing up whenever I looked up and saw the comet towel bowl cleaner. I then thought "Hmm, If Cascade/Electasol works, I wonder If comet would work". The cascade and shit works great but I wanna know if the comet would work BETTER. I mean the box does say 'scratch free, disenfects and removes tough stains'. I guess I could just try it by myself, but I was just trying to figure out if anyone had some insight or something useful.

    Thanks guys,

  2. idk dude just get the clorox toilet wand its so easy
  3. Are you asking about cleaning your toilet with those items?

    Or cleaning a piece?

    If the latter, dont use that shit, just go buy 91% ISO alcohol.
  4. i dont no what the fuck is goin on:hide:
  5. If you think cleaning your piece with toilet bowl cleaner is a good idea you're obviously not a glassmaster
  6. #6 GlassMaster42O, Sep 1, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2008
    Stanley my're entitled to your opinion. In this case though, you have no idea what you're talking about.

    I'm not asking about cleaning my toilet bowl, or how to substitute iso.

    The substite is for salt. While many of you genious people like stanley use salt, I use powdered dish detergent(cascade/electrasol), such as many other people on the city. SALT CAUSES MICROABRASIONS IN GLASS OVER TIME. IT IS A FUCKING ROCK. With that said, I'm not downing anyone for using salt, but I PERSONALLY dont like weak spots in my glass or the chance of a perc arm breaking off or something.

    Why did so many people come back like assholes? I dont think I could have been any more polite in asking. Everyone says all the 12 year olds are in REC USE, so why did all these seasoned tokers act like d-bags?

    Thanks to musik for trying to answer my question politely. +rep
  7. cause almost everyone is seasoned tokers are the elite smokers that apperently are better than any other pot heads because they have dank 24/7.

    I personally wouldnt want to use a cleaner like that because its probably toxic to smoke lol. Have you ever heard of a product called grunge off? Its really expensive like 15 bucks a bottle but its reusuable and lasts forever and works 10x better than 99%iso.

    It also seems to melike house hold cleaners dont work that good for bong cleaning
  8. I guess I've never head of substituting the dish detergent for salt, I always just use the salt, but I've also heard of people using rice, not sure if you've ever given that a try? Worth a shot I guess.

    **and I really feel ya about the whole "assholeness" of the city lately, it's really bumming me out....**
  9. That sounds like a pretty bad idea, man. Why not just use rubbing alcohol? Works every time.
  10. Yeah cascade is a good abrasive, the big pieces help get the big stuff out, and the little shit can get into the smaller parts. It also acts as another cleaner. I've had a really bad personal experience with using salt. My favorite bong had one of the percs break off cause I cleaned it so much. I know this because I was looking at it sitting still whenever I saw it broke. FUCKED UP.

    I do use iso bro...I'm talking about substituting an abrasive.

    I'd also like to add that I in fact am a seasoned toker, that's why I know MORE methods of cleaning than just salt. I always use ISO and Electrasol.

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