Cleaning volcano pieces and harvesting the thc residue?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Tommatt, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. So I'm an owner of a volcano ez valve vaporizer. Love the thing, one of the reason is using the vaped bud to bake with. Feels like the thing has paid for itself :D

    I was looking at some old bags an mouthpieces, and notice how much honey is in them. Some of the mouthpieces have enough gold build up to just scrape off, and I'm assuming smoke like honey.

    I know a single bag by itself probably wouldn't amount to much, buy if I toon all of the bags after a year? I'm guessing I'd get a decent punt of hash.

    Anybody used any methods to do this, or do you just throw the stuff away! I was thinking of cutting up the bags and storing them in a mason jar, and when it gets almost full run some iso through it like I was making QWISO.

    Any ideas?
    Hope this is the right section, I'd essentially be trying to make hash, so thought this would be proper.
  2. Yes you can run ISO over any resin and evaporate it and stuff, I usually don't bother with alcohol (don't have a volcano, but same concept) what I do is I just put my wand or whip with resin in it infront of my space heater for a few minutes or whatever and that turns all the resin nice and gooey and it'll just come right off if you have a poker stick or something, paper clip. Then I just dab it into my bowl and smoke.

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