Cleaning vaporizer whip??

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  1. I searched for this but didn't really find anything. Does anyone know how to clean a plastic whip on a vaporizer. I have a Silver Surfer and I put it in a bag of iso alcohol. Is that bad since it is plastic? I don't want to be inhaling iso that gets stuck in the plastic. I'm mainly trying to get rid of the smell that is stuck on it. It is very strong and stunk up my closet. Someone mentioned oxyclean in another thread.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hmm, i just got my SSV today actually and judging by the cord i dont think youd have a problem with just iso and salt like you would a glass piece but im not 100 percent either. I'd be more afraid to use oxyclean though cause the iso will evaporate atleast. BTW where do you set your knob for temperature on it? I cant seem to find anything on that really

  3. Yeah, that is true. My whip is hanging to dry over the shower now. I put the knob on so that the marble is sitting at around the 10 o'clock in the off position. Then i turn it on to around the 4 o'clock position.
  4. I have always cleaned mine out with hot water and dawn dish soap, or any dish soap that removes oils and grease. just rinse well with really hot water. With this method you have to clean more often, don't work well on very heavy resin deposits.

  5. But does it get rid of the smell somewhat?
  6. I hope you evaporated the iso after, cuz the resin inside the whip is PURE hash, like that shit will get you sky high.

  7. There wasn't too much in the whip, it just smelled strong so I didn't bother evaporating it. But, I cleaned my wand too and I let the iso evaporate.
  8. yeah it does, but nothing seems to totally get rid of the smell
  9. heres what i do, its really easy

    [ame=]YouTube - Vapor Brothers Vaporizer: Cleaning Your Whip (SUMMARY)[/ame]

  10. I'm referring to the clear tube when i say "whip" and I refer to the glass peice that holds the herb as the "wand". I already got the wand clean with iso and salt. Glass is easy to clean, the plastic tube isn't.
  11. ^ yeah i dont know what you could really do with plastic tube, however im definitly gunna soak my whip in iso for a couple mins then let the iso evaporate and grab that nice thc :D

    for the tube though have you tried a pipe cleaner? perhaps they make super long pipe cleaners as well ? :S

  12. lol at sig i love the trailor park boys :D
  13. I use oxy clean on all my pipes my bong and my vaporizer pieces. I have a plastic tub that holds everything I add hot water and a couple of scoops of oxy clean then I let them sit. The whip always gives me a problem because it's so long and hard to get stuff that's in the middle but it's possible. Good luck. Ps the longer you let it sit the better. And of course make sure you rinse afterwards with warm water.
  14. I did this today haha
  15. buy a new thing of vinyl tubing, i bought a ten foot vinyl hose from home depot made for food and liquids for 4 dollars and change, i cut it in half and now i have a 5 foot hose and another section of 5 foot that i can fuck with in the future :D
  16. dont mean to revive an ancient thread....but i was always wondering..i looked at clear tubing at home depot and menards and shit...but it all says its only rated at like 175F...which isnt very hot at all..

    so what kind of tubing did they send with my Arzier extreme coffee mug lookin vape? like to find some locally so i dont have to order new tubing from..fucking..canada or whatever lol
  17. hey guys today i tried cleaning my whip using salt, water and soap but all the salt is stuck in the whip and i cant get it out any suggestions

  18. Rinse it out derp
  19. Put it in a glass of water. Salt will melt.

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